Breakfast Menu

Cinnamon Roll - $6.99                                                     Scones - $4.99

Bagel - $2.69, add cream cheese - $0.79                         Croissant - Plain $2.50 / Chocolate or Strawberry $2.89

Muffins - $3.49                                                                     Biscuit - Plain $1.19


Shrimp & Grits - $14.99

stone-ground grits, grilled seasoned shrimp, jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce, fresh cilantro with jalapeno focaccia bread.

Cilantro Corn Pancakes - $10.99

two corn cakes layered with black beans, two over-medium eggs, sour cream, salsa, white vermont cheddar and fresh cilantro.

Burrito de Huevos - $11.49

scrambled eggs, yellow corn, roasted red peppers and onions and black beans in two flour tortillas topped with salsa and Vermont white cheddar cheese.

add bacon or avocado +$1.59 each

Breakfast Bit - $11.49

grilled sourdough, herb mayo, mixed greens, tomatoes, two over-medium eggs with crisp bacon, open faced with grits or potatoes.

Tofu Scramble - $10.99 (vegan)

seasoned tofu sauteed with mixed veggies, whole wheat toast and your choice of grits or potatoes. 

Hoppin' Highland - small $5.99 / large $7.99

black-eyed peas over stone-ground grits with a vermont white cheddar crisp and fried egg or avocado +$1.59 each

Highland Breakfast - $10.49

two scrambled eggs, toast and choice of bacon, ham, turkey sausage or fresh fruit plus a side of grits or potatoes

Rustic Italian - $12.49

grilled rosemary garlic bread, melted mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, tomato, onion, red pepper, two over-medium eggs topped with marinara sauce, fresh basil and Vermont white cheddar - choice of grits or potatoes

add fried or grilled chicken +$3.99 each / tofu +$1.59

Quick Breads

Sweet Potato Pancakes - half $5.99 / full $10.99

lightly sweet southern-style pancakes with warm caramelized brown sugar butter syrup and toasted pecans

Ricotta Pancakes - half $5.99 / full $10.99

three pancakes served with warm blueberry compote

French Toast - half $5.99 / full $11.99

super thick slices of challah bread, fresh berries. fresh cream and brown sugar butter on the side

Peanut Butter French Toast - $12.99

challah bread filled with peanut butter, dipped in butter, encrusted with bran flakes, topped with caramelized bananas in brown sugar butter syrup


Fried Chicken - $13.99

eggs poached medium, fried chicken, jalapeno cheese sauce on a grilled biscuit

Country Fried Steak - $13.99

mama dot's country fried steak, poached eggs,  jalapeno cheese sause on a grilled biscuit

Cowboy - $10.99

two quesadillas with vermnt white cheddar, black beans, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and spicy corn relish

Classic - $10.49

two poatched eggs, canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce on a grilled english muffin

Salmon - $13.99

two poached eggs, sauteed arugula, grilled smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce on a grilled english muffin

Crabcake - $14.99

two lump crabcakes, poached eggs, sauteed spinach, hollandaise sauce on a grilled english muffin


comes with side of grits or potatoes

sub egg whites +$1.19


tomato, onion, jalapeno, black beans +0.79 each

grilled veggies, roasted red peppers, corn mix +1.39 each

avocado, spinach, mushrooms +1.59 each


turkey sausage, bacon +$1.59 each

ham +$1.99 each

crabcake, shrimp, fried chicken, grilled chicken +$3.99 each

fried steak +$6.59 each


cream cheese +$0.79 each

goat cheese, vermont cheddar +$1.39 each

fresh mozzarella +$2.29 each

pimento cheese +$2.59 each

Breakfast Sandwitches

egg only - $3.29


biscuit, bagel, rosemary garlic, whole wheat, honey wheat, sourdough, challah, cibatta, rye +$0

cranberry walnut +$0.59

Croissant +$1.29

Jalapeno Focaccia +$2.69


turkey sausage, ham, bacon +$2.00

soysage +$2.99


white cheddar, swiss +$0.50 

goat, mozzarella +$1.29

Fried Chicken Biscuit - $5.99